Poetry Issue 1

   Issue#1: Oct. - Dec. 2002

Alex Gregorio

Angry of Bliss

      You are furious to tell him you love him
      because its joys may be wrong.

      Your demands are bullied by silence
      since its facts are thick drapes
      to get choked.

      You squirm to bear all things elusive
      because its labors sneak in you
      like sneeze.

      Affection's the shame of it
      but daily you need to touch him
      so you praise all
      that woos delay.

      You want best of all
      to dance in his room naked
      as a crook he will kiss
      in surprise.

      What he adores are not sold
      so you lather yourself
      with the reinvention of itch.

      Days you're hurting to beg him
      you're precious
      because the real each glad time
      are not anymore.

      There's a flooding of truths
      to punish him with
      but a better and stranger grew glorious
      and became what it is.