Poetry Issue 24


Vyxz Vasquez

At The Theme Park

External examination. We are rigor mortis on a boat is fixed giddy
without paddles, circling round a river. Inside a tunnel, I performed
you move to me, an autopsy your chest touching my back. The body
is a well nourished Asian male stated to be 24 years old
. As expected,

you reach for my right hand the body is not embalmed and the left
there are no deformities and pretend my hands are yours the eyes,
nose and mouth
stretching them backward to embrace your neck
are normal. Your hands now your own reach under the clothes my

were examined before and after removal from the body thin blouse,
and it is covered with blood stains warm palms just below my chest
stab wound of right side of back pulling me toward your body close.
This is a superficial stab wound. When we get out of the brief darkness,

stab wound of left side I get my arms back of neck. You remove this
your hands to a fatal shield my eyes from stab wound the sun's rays.