Poetry Issue 9

   Issue # 9: January-June 2008

Eva Hooker

from Notes for Survival in the Wilderness

      16. Wilderness

      Who can say what will happen here? Or
      In plain or Fancie?

      Sliding on black ice. Catching dry
      air lit like a dolor. In keen

      patches. Of her.
      Or him.

      O place of riddle.
      And interruption. Alluvial ridge. And rupture.

      Red loam. Dwelling in kind.
      A close.

      I could shut my eye.
      Like a blind.

      Or my door. Hold the broken
      straight and plumb. As if in measuring

      how the heart cracks at night, how it makes
      its small noise,

      I could open its green and late noon shadow. Its mean
      and silver whiteness.

      Note: the factual and inspirational source of this sequence of poems is A Handbook for Wilderness Survival by Bob Harris (M. Evans and Co., 1996).