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mula sa Talik
Kabilang Kuwarto
Talk Dirty to Me
Mesándel Virtusio Arguelles

from Ransom
I am better now
And if raised, fall instantly
Life will not be affected
The cause of this escape is the body
If this be the true life
Mark Anthony Cayanan

from There is No Emergency
Dear Discipline
Five Lines
Conchitina Cruz

mula sa Bruha
Papel na ibon
Faye Cura

The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction
Raymond John de Borja

from Post-Something
Early morning coffee shop poem
There are other things happening
10 facts about the horse in the ceiling
Franz Joel Libo-on

mula sa Narkotiko at Panganorin
Dito sa Lupa
Katarungan at Liwanag
Kung Wari
Allan Popa

Issue 20 was edited by Allan Popa; visual (China Collage, 1987) by Roberto Chabet.
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