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poetry Intra muros
Mesandel Virtusio Arguelles

The Next
A Distribution
The Weather of the Painter
Jose Perez Beduya

Mabi P. David

Parisian Life
Sic Transit Mundi
Bodies of Gold
Marjorie Evasco

Isn't It Romantic
Notes on Logos
Marc Gaba

The Discovery of Landscape
L. Lacambra Ypil

essays Sa Madaling Salita
Allan Popa

short talks What would you like to see less of in contemporary poetic practice?
Responses from Jose Lacaba, Alfred Yuson and Fidel Rillo

Reviews Mother Superior [rev. of An Edith Tiempo Reader]
Kristine Domingo

interview Conversation with Marjorie Evasco
Marc Gaba and Allan Popa

Issue 2 was edited by Allan Popa and Marc Gaba; visual by Bomen Guillermo
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