Poetry Issue 16

   Issue #16 : January-June 2012


      Untitled 4
      by Cy Tamura

      I reached up and took the first
      running it down, entirely
      as I could feel myself
      becoming quicker and quicker
      and circled its edge
      My body began to fill
      and moved to the lower level.

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      by Carlos Antonio Cruz

      I never did blame.
      What we did changed me.

      After teaching me,
      the thought of what we did
      ran through my mind
      every time.

      I guess, at such a young age,
      made me fall in love.

      Child who became adult
      Hearing my mother
      Hearing details she told my sister
      Trying hard to overcome
      And then giving in.

      If it seemed I took pleasure
      in telling I did not.

      At the time these things happened
      I took pleasure in it.

      Going back and telling
      The way it happened helped me realize
      How I actually was.

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