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mula sa Butil ng Hangin
Franz Joel Libo-on

Erika Carreon

from Account
Martin Villanueva

from In Her Room
Frederick R. Cumagun

from Occupations
Kerin Sulock

Against Kenosis
Kerri Webster

Kristine Domingo

mula sa Aralin sa Kasaysayan
Mesándel Virtusio Arguelles

Los Desaparecidos
Los Desaparecidos
Los Desaparecidos
Los Desaparecidos
Los Desaparecidos
Los Desaparecidos
Mark Anthony Cayanan


Salvaging the Author: The Social Turn in Philippine Poetry
Angelo V. Suárez

Even Flows: A Review of Marjorie Evasco’s Skin of Water: Selected Poems
Vincenz Serrano

Isang Pagtingin sa May Mga Dumadaang Anghel sa Parang ni Marlon Hacla
Nikka Osorio

Let’s Sing Another Song Boys, This One Has Grown Old and Bitter
or Come On In Out Of the Rain:
Part one of an analysis and appreciation of the editors’ introduction
for the poetry anthology Under The Storm, edited by Khavn de la Cruz and Joel Toledo

Adam David

Is the writing of poetry teachable?
Marijoe Monumento
Romulo Baquiran, Jr.
Kristian Sendon Cordero
Luna Sicat-Cleto

Issue 15 was edited by Joseph de Luna Saguid and Harris Guevarra; visual (What comes around goes around, mixed media, 48” x 48”, 2011) by Anton del Castillo
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