Poetry Issue 13

   Issue # 13 : January - March 2011

Elizabeth Willis

Yesness Park

      A horse or a turnip
      Your Wealth is on the stove

      By the National Institutes of
      the earth at night

      As for Baudelaire
      a picture of half your face

      is all the world, like a new democracy
      by Henry Adams

      To thumb the wave
      To get awakened

      My verse, my vernissage
      sinking to the hand

      as green against the snow
      or a pretty paragraph

      foreshortened in pink
      going through the season

      from apples to oranges
      a task I will accomplish

      with all the dirt I came from
      What did I expect

      to break into the sun?
      So begins our legislation

      (Originally appeared in BOMB and used by permission of the author.)