Poetry Issue 13

   Issue # 13 : January - March 2011

Jose Perez Beduya

The Search Party

      In the fields we were boys
      And girls finding debris

      Gathering notes
      With nothing to report

      A people very inside ourselves
      We found each other

      Through a system of ropes and smells
      What ended

      Our long, stumbling days
      Was a ballad version

      Of the prayers we were taught in different tongues
      Flashes and a rustle

      From copying machines replaced
      Our voices when they failed

      The images we have kept
      Scattered with the wind that moves all merchandise

      To guard against numbness
      We started small fires everywhere we went

      Only when we buried our hands
      In the hard soil of the valley

      Did the throbbing surrounding hills
      Become a part of us