Poetry Issue 10

   Issue # 10: July-December 2008

Jose Perez Beduya


      Though its surface feels like a gurney
      An eroding kiss
      Smoke in your hair
      Consider when and where
      The gilded painting’s been
      Beneath the weave
      The gauzy blue
      Of receding labyrinths
      Led to a last day of fever
      One moth
      Leapt and you fell
      Down from your father
      This real
      Life in curtains
      And on the screen appeared
      A beautiful aneurysm
      A rose
      Burned for example
      And fear of parks
      Never because longing and sidewalks
      After rain
      Unmoor vapor ships
      But the simple fact of the moon
      Lowering its destroyed
      Engine on chains
      Someone will explain
      Why the ballad broke off
      The growing presence
      Of photographs on our necks and arms
      A grace not achieved in life
      Is Technicolor
      The gaze spills
      Past the tracking shot
      And swerves
      To the window at the end of the hallway
      To the bottom of the stairs
      Where we suddenly
      Wake up on our knees
      Still praying