Poetry Issue 10

   Issue # 10: July-December 2008

Jose Perez Beduya

Debris Pattern

      Neighborly night
      But godlike is still not god
      It was too large in the storm
      Holes needed to be cut into the flag
      Skeletal tree in the shape
      Of a leaf
      What will we give for wholeness
      To crawl back home
      Loving cut right above the knee
      The arm a reliquary
      The fire spoke less of fire
      As houses burned
      We made ourselves
      A we-gathered thing
      We made ourselves a single
      Body revolving ablaze
      And when the fever
      Broke we sped
      To the movies, forgetting
      Our damage
      Until the monstrous, angelic
      Face on the screen
      Faded and someone coughing
      Brought us back to our seats