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poetry Juan Asks God
Juan's Errand of Carrying
Juan Luna's "Chula"
The Forbidden
Kristine S. Domingo

Angry of Bliss
Knot in the Brain
Alex Gregorio

Dakilang Pantas ng Tsina
Kung ika'y di ikaw ay narito ka pa sana
Huwag kang pumikit kasama
Bomen Guillermo

essays Confesionario
Allan C. Popa
On Indigenous and Contemporary Poetry
Gelacio Guillermo
short talks What are poets for?
Gemino H. Abad
Gelacio Guillermo
Marne Kilates
Bienvenido Lumbera

interview Conversation with Conchitina Cruz
Marc Gaba

Issue 1 was edited by Allan Popa and Marc Gaba; visual by Marc Gaba
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