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     ISSUE # 22 : Jul - Dec 2016
      Remmon E. Barbaza Attention in the Face of Evil
      Jayeel Serrano Cornelio The faint heartbeat of courage
      Daryll Delgado Place of trauma, trauma of place
      Bomen Guillermo Gutom at Rebisyonismong Pangkasaysayan
      Gideon Lasco The Spectator
      Marc Pasco Untitled
      Carissa Pobre A brief response
      Sandra Nicole Roldan Imago Dei
      Katrina Stuart Santiago Rethinking “No”
      Christian Tablazon Untitled
      Roland B. Tolentino Never Again, o Why Never Will There Ever Be a Never Again
      Om Narayan Velasco Salagimsim
      Martin Villanueva Elective
     ISSUE # 17 : Jul - Dec 2012
     Mabi David Some Notes on Alternative Publishing
     ISSUE # 15 : Jul - Dec 2011
     Angelo V. Suárez Salvaging the Author: The Social Turn in Philippine Poetry
     ISSUE # 12:3 : Jan - Jun 2010
     Katrina Stuart Santiago The (Un-)Worth of Words
     Rogelio Braga Ang Moralidad ng Naratibo
     Pearlsha Abubakar Decoding An Unspeakable Crime: A First Attempt
     Conchitina Cruz Go Above Your Nerve: Notes on High Chair 12
     Adam David A Modest Proposal for Preventing the Poets and Prose Stylists of the Philippines from being a Burden to their Parents or Country, and for Making them Beneficial to the Public
     ISSUE # 12:2 : Jan-Jun 2010
     Louie Jon A. Sanchez Fragmentos: Ang Tugon ng Sining
     ISSUE # 12:1 : Jul - Dec 2009
     Mabi David Tourist
     Elmo Gonzaga Response by Elmo Gonzaga
     Mesándel Virtusio Arguelles Pag-ako
     Richard Bolisay Ang Abot-Kamay na Pagitan ng Maguindanao at Mendiola
     Marc Gaba Response by Marc Gaba
     Oliver Ortega Ilang Sandali Lamang
     Allan Popa Kung Bakit Iisa ang Kahulugan ng Umano at Diumano
     ISSUE # 11: Jan - Jun 2009
     Allan Popa Pagkaligaw at Pagkatagpo sa Tulang “Sa Pagkamatay ng Isang Newsboy” ni Lamberto Antonio
     ISSUE # 10: Jul - Dec 2008
     Mesándel Virtusio Arguelles Pagtawid sa Parang: Mga Salita at Imahen
     Mabi David Allusion in Frank Bidart’s “Advice to the Players”
     ISSUE # 9: Jan - Jun 2008
     Allan Popa Iluminati: Ilang Tala sa Proseso ng Pagtula
     ISSUE # 7: Jan - Jun 2007
     Mabi David Alchemy
     Conchitina Cruz Fine Lines
     Marc Gaba Regarding Their No
     ISSUE # 4: Jan - Jun 2005
     Mesándel Virtusio Arguelles Pilas ng Papel
     Conchitina Cruz T.S. Eliot's Notorious Notes and the Figure of the Reader in "The Wasteland"
     Marjorie Evasco Restoration and Creation: The Work of the Ekphrastic Imagination
     ISSUE # 3: Apr - Jun 2003
     Allan Popa Anay at Nilalaman
     ISSUE # 2: Jan - Mar 2003
     Allan Popa Sa Madaling Salita
     ISSUE # 1: Oct - Dec 2002
     Allan Popa Confesionario
     Gelacio Guillermo On Indigenous and Contemporary Philippine Poetry